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Falls Landscape Reclaims, Recycles, and Reuses Landscaping Materials

Our green landscaping practices consist of:


We develop the value of organic matter that would otherwise go to a landfill. If we cannot reclaim material (ex. concrete/asphalt) it will go to the proper recycling facility.


Excess dirt, topsoil, grass clippings, trimmings, branches, trees and leaves are recycled at our Valley facility. We compost all of our own waste. We also screen and make our own custom topsoil to each client and job specification. We grind all of our wood products in our tub-grinder to make our premium mulch.


We reuse all products after processing our premium topsoil, compost, humus, and mulch. We keep all raw materials on hand and we make our products ‘on demand’.

The quality of your landscape starts with nutrient-rich soil underneath where all plants start their growing process.

Falls Landscape nurtures the soils and mulches for growing success of trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables.

Our screened, processed top soil can be custom blended to suit your needs.

Falls Landscape is excited to offer these green services and practices with our new processing equipment that we have purchased for 2015 and beyond. We are also capable of mobilizing our equipment to your site and screening your material from residential to commercial. All of our new equipment is portable.

Our topsoil can be custom-blended for any application ranging from residential to golf courses.

Falls Landscape is the only full-service landscaping contractor in NE Ohio to offer these services and materials in-house.

If you are looking for a 100% green landscape contractor in the greater Akron area, look no further.


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